Photo Album II
Saudi security forces guard the 2005-2006 Adventure Tourism
Exploration Team near the Yemeni border. D. Black photo.
Crew prepares a jimmy jib and cameras for a shoot on the edge of
420-foot Akaka Falls on the island of Hawaii during filming of the BBC
documentary series,
Life andAbout Life. D. Black photo, 2008.
Film crew inserts into Comb Wash, Utah, during filming of Guinea Pig III.
D. Black photo, 2008.
We never know what we might find when UTR is on the road. Local crop
near near a Boy Scout Camp in West Maui.
Cold canyoning in the La Sal Mountains of Utah. Dave Black photo.
On the road with UTR.
Rigging a cable cam for a major TV network documentary. Dave Black
Elephant Arch in the Nafud Desert. Dave Black photo.
Treading water in the Grim Swim in the mountains of Albania. Dave
Black photo.
Training with the Department of Extreme Situations near Zugdidi,
Republic of Georgia. D. Black photo.
A guide cools off in a pothole on a steep cliff during a project with
at-risk Navajo and Ute teens in southeast Utah.
Counter-rappelling off Morning Glory Bridge near Moab. D. Black photo.
Riding a flashflood during the filming of BBC's Planet Earth. D. Black photo.
A guided rappel during guide certification exams in Sleeping
God Canyon, New Zealand. D. Black photo.
Leaping into the abyss. SE Utah. Photo D. Black
Reverend Chris exits below the big drop in a mystery canyon on the north slope of Maui.
Dave rips open a coconut with his bare hands and
threatens the same for the heads of deadbeat clients.
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